First Cross-Regional Technical Workshop of the Lusophone and Francophone Cluster

NDC Tracking for mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation, 17-20 October 2023, Istanbul, Türkiye    

The PATPA Secretariat is pleased to announce that the first Franco-Lusophone Regional Workshop on NDC Tracking for mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation, jointly organized by the UNDP Climate Promise, and the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA) will be taking place from the 17th to the 20th of October 2023 (Tuesday to Friday).

This workshop will aim to promote the best implementation of the decisions linked to the Paris Agreement Rulebook, in particular those adopted on NDC tracking and all critical aspects related to mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation. Representatives of around 31 countries will have the opportunity to exchange on this relevant topic among peers. The workshop will be held in English for the joint sessions, in which Portuguese and French interpretation will be provided to all participants. For the separate sessions, the workshop will be in each respective language of the regional group i.e., French or Portuguese. 

If you would like to have a first look at the importance of Transparency for NDC Tracking and the benefits of viewing both as interconnected processes, PATPA recently released a video exploring these linkages. Click here to watch it

This workshop is by invitation only. The main results, the presentations, and the final report will be published on the website.