Q&A service for francophone countries on MRV systems and GHG inventories

Service Q&R pour les pays francophones sur tous les aspects MNV et IGES

PATPA provides an easy-access and swift remote Q&A service on MRV systems and GHG inventories for French speaking African countries. The service answers questions and helps overcoming specific challenges arising during the process of reporting under the UNFCCC.

A support need assessment, conducted in the framework of the Regional Workshops of the Francophone Cluster of the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA), revealed that the representatives of the francophone African countries plan to implement their knowledge acquired regarding climate reporting under UNFCCC. Among the 20 participating countries of the last Regional Workshop, 13 plan to submit their first biennial update report (BUR) within the next two years. For this, participants expressed the need for quick and targeted technical support that is easy to Access.

In view of this request, PATPA set up a remote question and answer service provided by technical experts of CITEPA (Centre Interprofessionnel Technique d’Etudes de la Pollution Atmosphérique) with generous financing provided by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and by the Belgian Federal Public Service Health and Environment.

The Q&A service aims at quickly answering questions that come up during the process of reporting under UNFCCC. For instance during data collection; while compiling the national GHG inventory; regarding calculations, quality assurance/control, the interpretation of results or the identification of mitigation options; or while setting up technical teams. The Q&A service covers the following (sub-) sectors: energy, transport, IPPU, agriculture, LULUCF and waste. Answers and support are provided remotely, for instance via E-mails, webinars, skype meetings or teleconferences and should not exceed the input of two man-days per country.

The Q&A service can be called upon by countries of PATPA’s Francophone Cluster by filling in a questionnaire, which will then be processed by the PATPA secretariat. If the support request is eligible, it will be dealt with by CITEPA within a few weeks.

For more information on how to request support, please check the factsheet and the excel questionnaire on the right margin of this Webpage.

The filled in questionnaire should be sent to info@transparency-partnership.net