The Good Practice Database (GPD) serves as a central hub for case studies on learning and leadership in climate action. The GDP is an easily-searchable repository of good practice examples where climate action is being effectively designed and implemented, as well as cases in which countries have overcome obstacles to implementation. The database is carefully curated to reflect priorities identified by countries and highlight countries’ innovative measures to implement nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

The GPD is a joint database established by the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA), the IKI NDC Support Cluster, the UNDP NDC Support Programme, the LEDS Global Partnership (LEDS GP) and the NDC Partnership.

What does a joint database mean?

The GPD brings together case studies from the Global Good Practice Analysis of the Transparency Partnership and UNDP and the Country Leadership Explorer, developed by LEDS GP and the NDC Partnership. The full content is accessible through all partners’ websites. The partner organizations are also working together to improve the quality and impact of the case studies they develop. Additional partners are welcome to join this collaborative effort.

What can I find in the Good Practice Database?

The GPD includes close to 200 case studies from across the globe and profiles a variety of sectors, themes, and implementation stages in mitigation and adaption. Several of the case studies are available for download in English, French and Spanish.

All content in the GPD has been tagged and is highly searchable, so that users can easily find results most relevant to their specific circumstances. Tags include: country, regions, action areas, planning and implementation activities, sectors and themes, barriers overcome, success factors, and languages. 

How can I submit suggestions or requests for new case studies?

Please email case study ideas or requests to:

Who are the contributors and funders?

Content includes several case studies developed by LEDS GP and the NDC Partnership, as well as carefully curated case studies drawn from other leading organizations working in this field. In addition, the database includes the Global Good Practice Analysis content coordinated by GIZ and UNDP and with contributions from a number of organizations, including Ecofys, ECN, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI, India), INCAE, adelphi, NewClimate Institute, Libélula (Peru), and the Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE, Senegal). The Global Good Practice Analysis content is funded by the German Government (BMU and BMZ) and the European Union.