The Good Practice Database presents various examples of good practices worldwide which demonstrate how climate policies and actions are being effectively designed and implemented across a range of national contexts. This analysis is a joint initiative of the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement, the UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme and the NDC Support Cluster.

A Clean, Secure Future: Reshaping Turkey’s Energy Sector

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 10:49
Türkiye (previously Turkey), Middle East and North Africa
Turkey has limited fossil-fuel reserves other than coal, but has huge potential in renewable resources, including hydroelectric, solar and wind power, among others. As the demand for energy grows, it has become increasingly important for …

Anticipatory Action: The Enabling Environment

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 10:49
Ethiopia, Fiji, Guatemala, Jamaica, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Niger , Philippines, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean
Over the last few years, a paradigm shift has been taking place in humanitarian, climate and development action. The shift has been toward the concept of anticipatory action, also referred to as ‘early action’. This concept refers to taking …

Cambodia Horticulture Advancing Income and Nutrition program (CHAIN)

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 10:49
Cambodia, East Asia and Pacific
The main objective of the CHAIN programme is to support low-income, smallholder farmers to increase their productivity and income and to improve food security, nutrition and climate resilience in Cambodia. CHAIN does this by developing and …

Energising Development (EnDev) Tanzania

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 10:49
Tanzania, Sub-Saharan Africa
The overarching goals of the EnDev programme in Tanzania, implemented by SNV, are to tackle energy poverty, increase access to cleaner energy sources for households, and increase the amount of sustainable income for women and men. The …