We aim to:

  • Build up trust among UNFCCC Parties by providing space for an open exchange of positions and experiences
  • Analyse the latest developments in UNFCCC negotiations and explain their ramifications for national policy implementation
  • Provide a platform for an open exchange of viewpoints and in-country experiences national implementation of the Paris Agreement
  • Share and disseminate best implementation practices, and transparency systems, including mitigation, adaptation and support
  • Feed lessons learned back into UNFCCC negotiations

Partnership Meetings:

High-level Partnership Meetings take place regularly on the sidelines of UNFCCC negotiations. Policymakers from around the world come together at these events to exchange viewpoints, ideas and experiences on climate change mitigation in an informal setting. Participation is by invitation.

Annual Partnership Retreats:

The retreats bring together a mix of negotiators and practitioners from developing countries, emerging economies and industrialised nations from all over the world. They provide stakeholders with a space to discuss some of the most pressing issues of the negotiations and to receive input by specialists in the field. Lasting seven days, this event enables participants to learn from each other in an open and collaborative atmosphere. Participation is by invitation.

Other activities:

At the partner countries’s request, the Partnership also occasionally organises other global peer-exchange, capacity-building and policy dialogue events. For example, in April 2017, delegates from 28 countries joined representatives of international organisations for an international workshop in Berlin on Biennial Update Reports (BUR).