Climate Helpdesk supports countries on NDCs, Transparency and LEDS

The newly launched Climate Helpdesk is a Service implemented by GIZ integrating LEDS GP, the NDC Cluster and PATPA, in cooperation with the NDC Partnership under one roof. The service can provide support ranging from remote action to short-term support in the country encompassing between 5.000€ and 30.000€.

The Climate Helpdesk provides support regarding the implementation of NDCs, transparency and national MRV systems, and low emission development strategies (LEDS). Depending on the country’s request, the provided support may range from 5.000€ (LEDS GP) to 30.000€ (Ad-hoc facility for Transparency) and is free of charge. Requests can be submitted through a form via a soon to be launched website and enables an appropriate and quick response by the respective experts within the team. The responses provided within a short timeframe can vary from remote action to short-term in-country support.

Support for Transparency

Support provided by the Climate Helpdesk through the new Ad-hoc facility can encompass tailor-made activities on the development of a national MRV system, on laying the foundation for meeting future transparency requirements under the Paris Agreement or support on the preparations for the next BUR.

So far, support through the Ad-hoc facility has been provided to 13 countries and will continue to do so through the Climate Helpdesk, raising awareness on UNFCCC transparency requirements and MRV systems. The service will be available to country government representatives, technical institutions, as well as consultants and NGOs working directly with governments to support the NDC and LEDS implementation.

While the new Ad-hoc facility’s target countries and support options do primarily address African countries, LDCs and SIDS, it remains open to applicants from other developing countries. Actions in the field of transparency can entail on-demand tailored short-term support for the preparation of BURs, establishing sustainable MRV/transparency systems, the review of GHG inventories for specific sectors as well as the preparation of countries for the ETF and climate reporting requirements under the UNFCCC. Furthermore, in-country workshops for national staff and experts can be organised.

The budget for a single request within the Ad-hoc facility for Transparency can be up to 30.000€.

In order to file a request please send an Email to