Climate tracking and transparency webinar series

The World Resources Institute’s Tracking and Strengthening Climate Action (TASCA) initiative, together with the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA), launched a Climate Tracking and Transparency webinar series with 20 sessions held throughout 2018 and 2019.

The series explores critical aspects that support domestic transparency systems for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The webinars feature presentations and interactive discussion among experts, practitioners, and national government representatives.

The sessions were recorded and are available online. Please click on the names of the webinars to watch the Recordings.


Webinar Topics
June 2018: Measuring Corporate and Facility-Level Emissions

This webinar aims at policy-makers developing national systems to measure and report corporate and facility-level emissions.

July 2018: Measuring Subnational Level Emissions

This webinar touches on concepts of sub-national inventory development, comparing urban carbon accounting approaches.

July 2018: Tracking Climate Finance Flows

Using Colombia as an example, this webinar explains what tracking climate finance entails and why it is valuable.

August 2018: Tracking Adaptation Finance

This webinar focuses on an initiative based in Ethiopia and Uganda, equipping local government actors and civil society with the capacity to engage in tracking climate (adaptation) finance resources.

August 2018: Open Data and Visualization: Emissions and Climate Policy Online Platforms to Support MRV

This webinar introduces data and visualization platforms, designed to increase transparency of data related to NDC implementation.

September 2018: Measuring Effects of Policies and Actions

This webinar gives an overview of guidance for measuring policy impacts, specifically the GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard and the ICAT Sustainable Development Guidance.

October 2018: Benefits of Investing in National Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

This webinar looks at the benefits of investing in national Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) systems for climate change adaptation.

October 2018: Measuring Non-State and Subnational Climate Action: Aggregation and Integration

This webinar addresses how policy-makers can determine the potential impact of non-state and sub-national climate actions.

October 2018: Measuring Progress and Achievement Toward Mitigation Targets

This webinar discusses how to account for various mitigation targets.

November 2018: Measuring Transformational Change Impacts

This webinar talks about how policy-makers and practitioners can catalyse transformational change and a growing recognition among the climate finance community to support transformational projects.

November 2018: Experiences and Tools for BUR and ICA

This webinar showcases experiences from countries that have received technical support in the preparation of BURs and for the participation in the ICA process.

November 2018: Tracking Policy Implementation

This webinar gives an overview of the importance for tracking policy implementation in the context of NDCs and presents a tool that builds capacity for governments regarding the tracking of climate actions.

January 2019: COP24: Next Generation Accounting and Transparency under the Paris Agreement

This webinar gives an overview of the decisions made on guidance for accounting and tracking progress of NDCs and provides input on the domestic implications for implementing the new guidelines.

February 2019: COP24: Facilitating Review Under the Paris Agreement

This webinar illustrates the processes of the Technical Expert Review (TER) and Facilitative Multilateral Consideration of Progress (FMCP).

March 2019: COP24: New Rules for Finance Transparency

This webinar explains the three pillars of finance transparency under the Paris Agreement.

July 2019: Enhancing NDCs for 2020

This webinar presents new guidance from the World Resources Institute and the UN Development Programme to support countries through the process of designing a new or updated NDCs.

September 2019: MRV 101

This webinar explores critical elements that support domestic transparency systems for NDCs.

October 2019: Digging into Land Sector GHG Accounting under the Paris Agreement

During this webinar, experts take a deep dive into critical issues and challenges surrounding greenhouse gas accounting in the land sector.

October 2019: Resources for Countries to Enhance NDCs by 2020

In this webinar, experts highlight new guidance and resources for countries to enhance their national climate commitments in 2020.

November 2019: Aligning National M&E systems and Global Results Frameworks

This webinar introduces model-assisted analysis for non-specialists in the development of low-emission development strategies.