watch recordings of COP27 side events

COP27 – recordings of transparency related side events

Watch the recordings here of transparency related side events at COP27

As COP27 kicked off this November 6, the PATPA secretariat is delighted to have participated in several side events as co-organizer or speaker. Below is a compilation of transparency related side events in which PATPA had an active role, and a more detailed list of further side events relating to transparency can be downloaded on the right margin including the links to the recordings. 

Side events with PATPA engagement or support:

Tracking NDCs: understanding and explaining variations in GHG emissions

Watch the recording here: NDC Partnership - Suivi des NDC : comprendre et expliquer les variations des émissions de GES ? | Facebook

As parties are preparing for their first BTR submissions, Tunisia has equipped itself with a powerful tool for analyzing its CO2 emissions from the energy sector. This tool applies the "logarithmic mean divisia index" (LMDI) effect decomposition method to a data set from the national energy information system. At the global level and for each sector, variations in greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to major drivers. By the use of a detailed and transparent analysis of past trends, it facilitates the construction of prospective scenarios and the updating of NDCs. The PATPA secretariat will give an input on the transition to the ETF in the Paris Agreement.

When: Thursday Nov 10; 12:30-13:30 (Egypt time)  

Where: NDC P Pavilion

Speakers: ANME, ENERDATA, PATPA, UNFCCC National focal point of Tunisia and CITEPA

Organizer: Agence Nationale pour la Maitrise de l’Energie (ANME)


Linking Paris Agreement Compliance and Transparency

No recording available

Panel discussion with the following focus questions: How are transparency and compliance reflected in the Paris Agreement? What is the role of and the interlinkages between the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF), the Global Stocktake (GST) and the Implementation and Compliance Committee (PAICC), and their current status of implementation? What are the interrelated challenges and the way forward?

When: Friday, Nov 11; 11:30-12:40 (Egypt time)

Where: Cairo Forum

Speakers/Discussants: Adv Cathrine Wenger (lawyer and former climate negotiator, Norway); Adv. Jimena
Nieto Carrasco (lawyer and former climate negotiator, Colombia); Adv. Carlos Essus (Secretariat of the
Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement)

Organizer: IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law (IUCN WCEL) - Climate Change Law Specialists Group) 


Benefits and tools for implementing the Enhanced Transparency Framework

Watch the recording here: #Together4Transparency events - YouTube


  • Understanding national and international benefits of climate transparency;
  • Learning from countries on the national benefits of climate transparency and their experiences in the preparation of the Biennial Transparency Report, and the capacity needs and gaps they are faced with;
  • Introducing the BTR Guidance and Roadmap Tool and its applications in facilitating the transition to the ETF in developing country Parties.

When: Thursday, Nov 17 13:45-14:45 (Egypt time)

Where: Capacity-building hub, Area B (Blue zone)


Mr Martial Bernoux, FAO

Mr. Tibor Lindovsky, UNFCCC

Mr Md. Mahmud Hossain, Bangladesh

Ms. Lidiane Rocha de Oliveiro Melo, Brazil

Ms Simone Gotthardt, PATPA Sectretariat

Ms. Ruta Bubniene, UNFCCC

Click here to find more information in the concept note.


Integrating climate transparency and policy: Tools and case studies in lusophone countries.

Watch the live webcast here: Integrando Transparência e Política Climática: soluções e exemplos de países lusófonos - YouTube

The Cluster Lusophone of the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA) is organizing a side event at COP 27 at the BENELUX Pavilion, which aims to discuss the transition to the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) with lusophone countries.

This event has an objective of promoting exchange between Portuguese-speaking countries and strengthening capacities in order to fulfill the communication and transparency obligations under the Paris Agreement.

This event is a collaboration between PATPA, GSP-CBIT and Belgium.

When: Friday Nov 18, 13:30 - 15:00 (Egypt time)

Where: BENELUX Pavilion

Organizer: PATPA, GSP-CBIT and Belgium