Tbilisi Workshop Photo

Improving the national transparency system and the agriculture GHG inventory systems of Georgia

The Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA) via its Climate Helpdesk provided support to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture (MEPA) of Georgia to improve data collection and management in the agriculture sector and facilitate the establishment of a sustainable national transparency system. 

A two-day workshop was organized in Tbilisi, Georgia on April 4-5, 2023 and was aimed at enhancing the understanding of ETF requirements, reporting formats and the relevant IPCC guidelines for the agriculture sector GHG inventory as well as provide guidance for facilitating the transition to a sustainable national GHG inventory system.

About 30 participants attended the workshop, comprising of representatives from various governmental, non-governmental organizations and academia, including the relevant departments of MEPA responsible for the GHG inventory and agriculture sector, Environmental and Education Center (EIEC), Scientific Research Center on Agriculture (SRCA), Geostat, CENN, REC Caucasus, Farmers Association as well as independent agriculture and climate change experts. 

As a result of the workshop a report with a set of recommendations was submitted to MEPA to establish a comprehensive national transparency system, which plays a key role in the preparation of national climate reports, e.g. BURs and BTRs. The report suggests several measures, including strengthening the institutional and legal framework for data collection and sharing from public and private sectors, enhancing national capacities on GHG inventory data collection and management through provision of technical trainings, promoting standardization of data collection for certain sectors.

The workshop was a collaboration of PATPA and MEPA and was conducted by international GHG inventory and agriculture experts from Ricardo Energy & Environment, Dr. Marcelo Theoto Rocha and Ms. Sekai Ngarize. The GIZ Project Capacity Development for Climate Policy, Phase III (CDCP III) in Georgia supported the implementation of the workshop.