Institutional Arrangements Toolbox: Guide to strengthening national institutional arrangements for transparency of climate action and support

Transparency of action and support is critical to achieving the objectives of the Convention and the Paris Agreement. The linchpin of the follow-up and review process in implementing the global climate agenda is at the national level. To prepare reliable, transparent and comprehensive information on greenhouse gas emissions, national climate actions and support, and report such information regularly, countries need strong and well-functioning institutional arrangements. Well-functioning institutional arrangements become even more critical as countries prepare to transition to the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) by 2024.

With an aim to assist countries’ endeavor to enhance national institutional arrangements for transparency, the Consultative Group of Experts (CGE) developed a toolbox on institutional arrangements.

The toolbox on institutional arrangements consists of various resource products, including:

  1. A handbook that offers guidance and practical tips on transitioning from project-based arrangements that focus on producing individual reports to long-term national arrangements that establish permanent teams to ensure regular, continuous data flows that provide robust information for formulating national reports and guiding decision makers;
  2. Video interviews and case stories that present vast range of country experiences and lessons learned in their journey to improving and sustaining national MRV process;
  3. References to other relevant technical resources that present a list of useful technical resources that are available to support transparency experts and practitioners.

The CGE will continue to update the toolbox and welcomes feedback to identify and respond to evolving needs of developing countries. There is an open call for country case stories. Those interested in sharing country experience and lessons learned, please contact @email