National Climate Change Dialogue in Majuro, July 2018

Marshall Islands President Dr. Hilda C. Heine opens the National Climate Change Dialogue in Majuro in July 2018 which was co-hosted with the NDC Partnership.

NDC Partnership Member Country Progress on NDC Implementation

The NDC Partnership has been applying its Country Engagement Strategy in 34 Member countries across the globe, to assist countries in prioritizing their needs for support and to connect them to available programs and resources for NDC implementation. These countries are developing NDC Partnership Plans that outline their climate priorities and align implementing partners around common objectives, in a simple and transparent framework.

Seventeen of these Plans will be completed by the end of 2018. To date, approved Partnership Plans have been released in Honduras, Uganda, Namibia, and Mongolia.

After a year of implementing the Country Engagement Strategy in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean, the Partnership has solid experience to identify how countries are using this integrated planning process to advance their NDCs. Initial takeaways from the process include:

  • Countries are focusing requests to develop enabling environments for NDC implementation and identify new funding for climate-smart, transformational projects in six key sectors (energy, agriculture, forestry, transport, waste, forestry, and water).
  • Countries are adopting whole of government and whole of society approaches through multi-stakeholder consultations and coordination mechanisms for developing Partnership Plans, but increasingly need to engage higher-level decision makers in these conversations, particularly from finance and planning ministries.
  • Countries are finding opportunities in the Partnership’s planning process to increase their NDC ambitions and demonstrate high-level commitment from the government.
  • Development partners are starting to align their projects and programs to outputs in Partnership Plans. We anticipate partners further strengthening their resources to align to country’s identified needs over the next year.
  • Demand is increasing, and supply is going to have to follow its lead. Through the Partnership, development partners will work to increase speed and resources allocated for NDC implementation.

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