The Partnership in Marrakech

This year’s Conference of the Parties (COP22) in Marrakech had to fulfil the difficult task of kick-starting the process to implement the Paris Agreement. Important topics included the modalities, procedures and guidelines (MPGs) for the enhanced transparency framework (ETF), the communication and review of nationally determined contributions (NDCs), the global stocktake, and accounting. As in previous years, the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV was present at the negotiations and facilitated discussions and the exchange of experiences on some of the topics mentioned above during a side event.

Side event on ‘Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines for the Enhanced Transparency Framework’

On the first day of the COP, the Partnership hosted a side event where speakers from Belgium, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Norway and South Africa reflected on the decisions related to the ETF and aspects important for developing the MPGs in the upcoming months and years. 

After Anke Herold from the Öko-Institut summarised the status of negotiations, panellists shared their views on the important elements of the ETF and what needs to be considered when developing the MPGs. Some key messages conveyed by the speakers included:

  • Regional cooperation is considered a crucial strategy for promoting implementation of transparency requirements and for review preparation.
  • All elements in the ETF are equally important. It has to be seen as a system or package where all elements are interlinked.
  • Capacity building and flexibility are key elements of the ETF. However, there are different views on the ETF in terms of capacity – some countries perceive additional requirements as a potential burden, while others highlight the associated potential opportunities.

You can download Anke Herold’s presentation on the right.