GHG inventory

Revision of Bolivia’s national Energy Balance and Greenhouse Gas Inventory: A basis for a more ambitious NDC in the energy sector.

Energy plays a key role for Bolivia’s economic development. The country approached the Climate Helpdesk seeking support in increasing the ambition of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) in the energy sector. Of course, the NDC-update should be based on a solid evidence base.  

Therefore, Bolivia updated over 10 years of its GHG inventory of the energy sector. Based on this update, the Climate Helpdesk supported Bolivia with a two-stage approach implemented in cooperation with the GIZ-Project „Renewable Energy Program” (PEER) in Bolivia: 

The first stage involved the revision of the country’s National Energy Balance (NEB) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory in the energy sector. Both documents play a crucial role in the development of ambitious mitigation targets in the energy sector. Especially the GHG inventory provides a basis to show the country, where the emissions come from and where the ambitions can be improved. The review concluded that the documents generally offer complete and valuable data on Bolivia’s energy sector and its GHG emissions. Proposals for improvement include recommendations on enhancing the constant and sustainable data management and the collection and building of stronger institutional arrangements within the national transparency system. 

Stage two builds on the findings of the inventory review. With support from the Climate Helpdesk Bolivia’s NDC status quo was assessed, Furthermore, existing projections for the energy sector up to 2050 were reviewed and the Climate Helpdesk provided recommendations for the NDC Update regarding achievability and ambition. These recommendations are the basis for the internal discussion in the government on the NDC Update in the energy sector. According to feedback from the government participants the technical support provided the government "valuable information and recommendations that will aid Bolivia in its current NDC updating process".