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Successful launch of the Knowledge Product “Projections of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals” in two events | #ClimateTransparencyMatters Knowledge Product Series

On the 25th and 26th of August, PATPA launched its Knowledge Product Series #ClimateTransparencyMatters with two virtual events to present a special publication: the Projections Guide for Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals. A total of 60 participants tuned in for the events, with the interested audience representing government entities, research centres and international organizations of 27 countries from all over the globe.

Knowing how future GHG emissions develop may help to foresee if an emissions target will be met and to define possible mitigation measures. Thus, the aim of the events was to introduce participants to the Projections Guide and the development of projections in a step-by-step approach, as well as offer the opportunity to raise questions about issues they may be facing in their respective projections’ development processes.

Technical expertise and insight into the Guide were provided by the authors of the document themselves, Sina Wartman and Dominic Sheldon from Ricardo E&E. After a brief introduction to what GHG Projections are and how they are used in NDC preparations, the audience learned the key steps for developing GHG Projections, guidance on choosing appropriate tools and an exemplary application of the Guide through a country example.

Through a small interactive survey, the presenters found that a major part of the audience is struggling with data collection, tool selection and scenario building when facing the task of preparing GHG projections. The session was ended with a Q&A, in which questions remained mainly focused on the issue of which modelling tool to choose for GHG Projections – the Knowledge Product can offer additional guidance on this decision.

Interested parties can consult the presentation slides in the download section or watch the entire event from Thursday, Aug. 26th 2021, here on our YouTube Channel.

Last not least, PATPA is proud to announce that the translation of the Projections Guide into French, Portuguese and Spanish language is currently being undertaken and set to being published in the coming weeks.  We aim to host additional events in the respective languages for regional launching of the Guide. Furthermore, we recommend keeping an eye out for additional Knowledge Products that will be published during the remainder of the year as part of the #ClimateTransparencyMatters series.