Cover BUR Template

Updated: Biennial Update Report (BUR) Template

The Secretariat of the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA) is proud to present the updated version of the Biennial Update Report (BUR) Template. The new 2022 version takes into account experiences gained during the last five years since the launch of the last BUR Template.

The Biennial Update Report Template is intended to support the preparation of BURs by non-Annex I Parties, thereby enabling these Parties to submit ambitious reports and to present information in a consistent, transparent, complete, and accurate manner (to the extent possible).

The template sets out a proposed report structure and provides guidance on the presentation of information in the BURs, including on the use of tables. It includes recommendations for drafting the individual chapters of the template (“drafting guidance”), minimum requirements, and best practices, all of which assist in the drafting and structuring of each BUR chapter. In recognition of the fact that individual chapters or subchapters might be compiled by different teams, the sections and/or tables within this template may be split into separate documents to be shared with different teams responsible for the compilation of the BUR.

You can find the BUR Template here.