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UN Environment (UNEP) DTU Partnership

Adaptation metrics: Perspectives on measuring, aggregating and comparing adaptation results

This new edition of the UDP perspectives series seeks to fuel continued global discussions on the issue of measuring, aggregating and comparing adaptation results, by bringing together knowledge and unique perspectives from a range of global experts and practitioners. The articles contained in this volume highlight that the purpose of measuring adaptation, and consequently WHAT we are measuring, is highly context dependent. The question of what constitutes meaningful adaptation metrics, will thus result in very different answers, depending on whether you ask a vulnerable farmer in Africa, an adaptation fund manager or a UNFCCC negotiator.

The wide range of perspectives provided in this volume on what meaningful adaptation metrics are, or could be, thus help to further contextualize the international discourse on adaptation metrics. They also serve as reminders that the frameworks and processes we develop for measuring, aggregating and comparing adaptation results have to meet the needs of all stakeholders - from local to global levels.