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FS-UNEP Centre / WWF Germany

Finance Fit For Paris (3fP)-Tracker

Green finance has been gaining increasing attention from different actors inside and outside financial markets, including civil society, regulators and governments across the EU. Public awareness on the relevance of aligning finance with overall climate protection ambitions was initiated and supported by international policy agreements, like UNFCCC Paris Agreement and the sustainable development goals (SDG’s). In addition, the HLEG recommendations and the thereupon published action plan and legislative proposals are currently being used as a basis for intensive discussions at EU level on the subject of greening finance. However, the increase in number and intensity of activities addressing green finance is not automatically based on a robust and well justified or agreed understanding of direction, sequence, or ambition.

Against this background, Worldwide Fund for Nature Germany (WWF) and Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance (FS-UNEP Centre) have been developing a financial regulation performance tracker as an information and communication tool. The 3fP tracker screens and assesses existing financial market regulation and policies on country level to evaluate where the national financial regulation stands today against the imperative of the <2-degree target as anchored in the Paris Agreement. Furthermore, it provides guidance where the evolution of the regulatory framework may develop in the future. The 3fP is a web-based platform to engage relevant players in civil society, finance and politics.

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