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Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement / United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Good Practice: Low carbon city (LCC) programme in Thailand

Through its Market Readiness Proposal (MRP) to the World Bank submitted in 2014, Thailand proposed to design a domestic market mechanism to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by preparing the Low Carbon City Programme (LCC) and the Low Carbon City Programme Fund (LCC Fund). These will assist provinces and cities to design and implement GHG mitigation actions through undertaking projects that will apply the Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Programme (T-VER) for certifying and issuing carbon credits. The T-VER was initiated by the Thailand GHG Management Organisation (TGO) based in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and has been functional since 2013. The credits generated under the LCC programme are called LCC-TVER credits. The proposed LCC program is also being driven by TGO and is now in the phase of design development. Implementation and pilot projects are planned to start in late 2016.