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Climate and Ozone Protection Alliance

ODS and HFC Banks publications (GIZ Proklima)

Due to the increasing global demand for refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC), the stock of appliances, foams and products containing halogenated hydrocarbons is rising rapidly. Halogenated hydrocarbons are either ozone-depleting substances (ODS) or have high global warming potentials (hydrofluorocarbons, HFCs). If old cooling appliances are not disposed of in an environmentally sound manner, emissions from these so-called “ODS and HFC banks” are released unhindered into the atmosphere. The resulting annual emissions are estimated to exceed 1.5 Gt CO2-eq. This is equivalent to the annual emissions of 441 coal-fired power plants. Consequently, the proper disposal of gases and foams in old cooling appliances offers enormous potential for climate action.

The Climate and Ozone Protection Alliance is the second phase of the ODS Banks project and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) under the International Climate Initiative (IKI). Both projects have published a variety of informational material on sustainable ODS and HFC banks management. The following materials are available on the Climate and Ozone Protection Alliance website:

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