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Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCP)

PCCB Toolkit to Assess Capacity Building Gaps and Needs

The Paris Committee on Capacity Building has developed a toolkit to support the efforts of countries to identify and address their capacity needs and gaps. The toolkit provides an overview of a capacity assessment cycle as well as complementary resources including case studies, tools, best practice and lessons learned to guide the assessment process that enables countries to identify appropriate steps they can take to strengthen their national capacities to address climate change.

Capacity assessment is a challenging but vital undertaking and is part of a robust and iterative climate policy development and implementation process. It enables organisations to set appropriate climate objectives and identify steps needed to deliver on them. The resources in the capacity building portal supplement the toolkit and are constantly updated to provide the best possible support to developing country officials. They are drawn from a global cross-section of implementing experts and international processes, including from members of the PCCB Network and other constituted bodies of the UNFCCC. 


Further information: PCCB Toolkit to Assess Capacity Building Gaps and Needs | UNFCCC