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SDG Climate Action Nexus tool (SCAN-tool): Interactive online dashboard available

Policy makers should pursue the implementation of Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement in a way that can allow to maximise mutual benefits, understanding potential synergies and trade-offs between them to enable coherent policy planning and increasing implementation efficiency, in particular when considering limited institutional capacities.

The SDG Climate Action Nexus tool (SCAN-tool) will support policy makers to identify and understand which climate mitigation actions may impact -positively or negatively- specific SDG targets. Since its official launch in July, the SCAN-tool now also includes a deep-dive into the ‘electricity and heat’ sector (to carefully look into potential links between the different energy technologies and the SDGs) and an interactive online dashboard to make this information easily accessible to all users. To get a summary of the findings of the SCAN-tool, learn about the methodology for its development and access the database behind it, go to the ‘Resources’ section of the website.