Virtual seminar on Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC): Learning from countries’ experiences

Event Date

On May 12, 2021, 09-10:30am CEST the Regional Group Asia of the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA) held a virtual seminar on “Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC) – Learning from countries' experiences”. This seminar was a follow up-event to the regional workshop on enhancing data collection and institutional arrangements in the AFOLU sector that had taken place in December 2020. Based on positive feedback to Japan’s input on QA/QC during the regional workshop, PATPA aimed to provide more room for exchanging experiences on this important process.

This virtual seminar allowed 32 participants from 15 countries of the region to delve deeper into the topic and provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning. Through the first presentation by Ms. Sandee Recabar from the Philippines the audience got an impression on the process on-site including an overview on a workshop on QA by UNFCCC. Ms. Atsuko Hayashi from Japan shared further interesting details on their national QA process. After the two excellent input presentations, peers engaged in lively Q&A exchange with both speakers.

In a short feedback session at the end of the workshops, participants reinforced the benefits of the Asia Regional Group for peer-to-peer learning and expressed desires for future virtual as well as in person formats that will be incorporated into the program and activities that PATPA offers in the region.