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FAO E-discussion on adaptation reporting starting this week

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In response to the great interest expressed by many during the FAO Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) webinar series on Adaptation reporting in the agriculture and land use sectors under the Paris Agreement (available on the FAO website on: i. Local climate vulnerability assessments (Elements A, B, C of the ETF Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines - MPGs), ii. Adaptation metrics and the potential use of SDG indicators (Elements D, E, F of the MPG), and iii. Loss and damage assessment (Element G of the MPGs), FAO is pleased to announce the launch of an E-discussion on Reporting on adaptation in the agriculture and land use sectors under the umbrella of the FAO-led Transparency in the Agriculture and Land Use Network.

The e-discussion is an inclusive learning space, where you can share your experience, concerns and questions in English, French or Spanish, and engage in fruitful discussions with FAO experts and other transparency practitioners.

The e-discussion will start this week (from 25th of April 2022) and it is open to the members of the Transparency Network. To join the discussion, sign up today and become a member of the network: http://www.fao.org/climate-change/our-work/what-we-do/transparency/network/en/

Please feel free to extend this invitation to other interested colleagues in your networks.

FAO looks forward to welcoming you to this online community and will remain available (at @email) for any questions you may have.

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