Virtual Event: Reporting on adaptation through the Biennial Transparency Report

Event Date




Time and Date: February 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2022, each day from 8-11 GMT / 9-12 CET/WAT / 10-13 CAT / 11-14 EAT

The workshop of the Anglophone African Regional Group provides a platform for attendees to understand the process and information required to report on adaptation through the Biennial Transparency Report (BTR). The main sections of the BTR require countries to report on (i) their national circumstances, vulnerabilities, and risks, (ii) their adaptation goals and actions, (iii) their progress on implementing adaptation and monitoring and evaluation processes in place. Through peer-to-peer exchange on countries’ experiences in developing these components, including challenges and context-specific solutions, participants will be equipped with a better understanding of the processes that they can follow ahead of submitting their own BTR.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Go deeper into the different adaptation planning and reporting “vehicles” (NAP, NDC, NC, BTR), how they can be combined, how they differ and how they feed into the BTR
  2. Discuss how to generate the information/data which should be included in reports on adaptation which provide inputs to the BTR
  3. Exchange experiences with regard to preparing, or having already prepared, your adaptation communications
  4. How information and data collection for M&E of adaptation can feed into reporting purposes under the BTR?
  5. How to leverage existing reporting on adaptation to feed into the Biennial Transparency Report?

Workshop content: 

  • Provide an overview of the iterative adaptation process and allow countries to ask question and exchange about their journey along this process (Day 1)
  • Provide an overview into the planning instruments which feed into the BTR, how to collect the information to develop them, and barriers that countries face when collecting this information (Day 2)
  • Provide an overview of the report-orientated instruments which feed into the BTR, how to monitor and evaluate progress on planning and the options that countries chose for monitoring (Day 3)

Target Audience

East, West and Southern African countries, which are part of the PATPA Anglophone Africa regional group:

  • Representatives of sectoral ministries, experts involved in reporting on adaptation
  • Experts from National Statistics Offices that collect data for adaptation
  • Planning ministries, finance ministries
  • Representatives of academia, and other stakeholders related to adaptation

Registration is closed.

In case you have further questions please contact Catarina Tarpo (@email) and/or Mijako Nierenkoether (@email)

PATPA; NAP Global Network; ICAT/DTU; GIZ Climate Policy Support Programme; Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE), South Africa