Assessment and mapping of vulnerability and adaptation of small farmers to climate change in Morocco

Morocco, Middle East and North Africa

The ‘Assessment and mapping of vulnerability and adaptation of small farmers to climate change’ in Morocco is a study launched by the Moroccan Agency for Agricultural Development (ADA for its acronym in French) and financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (FIDA for its acronym in French). It proposes actions to enhance the resilience to climate change of the regions targeted by the projects and programmes of Pillar II of the Green Morocco Plan (PMV in its French acronym), a national plan to improve the productivity and resilience of the agricultural sector.
The study encompasses the development of the climate change adaptation planning tool ‘Vulnerability and Adaptation Map of Small Farmers to Climate Change’ or decision-makers, that combines data on the socio-economic vulnerability of small farmers with climate-related risk factors within the national territory. The tool provides essential access to adaptation-relevant information. For instance, it is used as a ‘digital map’ and provides accurate well-detailed data on the vulnerability of small farmers in FIDA-funded areas. The results from the study are being used to inform the development of the country’s national adaptation strategy, which will seek to enable the Moroccan agriculture to face the challenges of climate change.
This study demonstrates good practice both in its highly scientific approach and critical added value to national policy discussions. Besides, it anchors the tool in national flagship programmes such as the PMV, thus mainstreaming the project results into important national planning documents. The study has been realised in an utmost transparent manner, enabling its replication across different regional contexts.

Institutions involved

· GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Maritime Fisheries; Ministry of Rural Development and Water and Forestry; Provincial Directorate of Agriculture; Regional Directorate of Agriculture; Regional Office of Agricultural Development (ORMVA in its French acronym); Strategy and Statistics Directorate; Directorate of Rural Development and Mountain Affairs; National Agency for the Development of Oasis and Arganeraei Zones; National Office of the Agricultural Advisory
· IMPLEMENTATION PARTNERS: Agency for Agricultural Development (ADA)
· INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS: International Fund for Agriculture (FIDA); German development agency (GIZ in its German acronym);
· OTHER INSTITUTIONS: National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA); National School of Agriculture; Geographic Information System for Decision Support (GIS 4DS); High Commissioner for Planning

Source details
Global Good Practice Analysis (GIZ UNDP)