Latin American & Caribbean Regional Workshop on progress in transparency and accountability of NDCs

From 26th to 28th of September 2017, 35 negotiatiors, MRV practitioners and NDC implementers from 12 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean and 13 international experts gathered in Costa Rica to exchange on progress in transparency and accountability of NDCs in the framework of 4th workshop of  the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Group of the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA). The workshop was jointly organized by PATPA and the IKI Accounting Rules Project, which is implemented by GIZ and counted with expert inputs by GIZ, Öko-Institut, WRI, ICAT, UNDP and the Latin-American netork for GHG inventories (RedINGEI).

The workshop's overall objective was to link the current discussions in the UNFCCC negotiations on  transparency and monitoring of NDCs with existing experience, lessons learned from MRV systems and technical progress with accounting methodologies. In particular, it aimed to

  • provide country representatives with a better understanding of the enhanced transparency framework (ETF), its elements and the requirements for tracking NDCs
  • offer a regional forum for exchange on experiences with MRV of emissions and mitigation
  • address technical questions related to methodologies for tracking NDCs
  • provide insights into first progress with approaches for accounting of NDCs
  • discuss how all this experience could be taken into account in the design of the modalities, procedures and guidelines of the ETF.

Please refer to the downloads section for the agenda. The presentations can be accessed below. A report will follow in the next weeks.


Day 1

Bloque 1: Apertura

Bloque 2: Transparencia

Bloque 3: Contabilidad

Bloque 4: Excurso

Day 2

Day 3