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International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV

Knowledge Product: Elements and Options for National MRV Systems

This recently published document is based on the key findings from the Autumn School on ‘MRV – today, tomorrow and the future’ of the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV, which took place in October 2012 in Germany. It summarises the Autumn School’s key findings and provides additional know-how and technical guidance on the design and setup of domestic MRV systems. Tiered approaches have been included as examples, showing how countries can start with simplified approaches and improve their MRV system over time.

  • Chapter 1 ‘MRV basics’ provides an introduction into the functions and roles related to MRV for readers that are completely new to the topic.
  • Chapter 2 ‘Domestic MRV systems’ describes the design and setup of a domestic system.
  • Chapter 3 ‘MRV of GHG emission levels and impacts of mitigation actions’ takes a more technical look at how to monitor, report and verify emissions, emission reductions, removal of barriers to emission reductions, and co-benefits.
  • Chapter 4 ‘MRV of finance’ discusses specific aspects of MRV related to public climate finance.
  • Chapter 5 ‘Additional resources’ includes links to selected resources for additional information.