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Virtual Event: How can Climate Finance Tracking work?

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Tracking climate finance helps countries keep an overview of money flow, financing and supports later reporting on support - but often, the question arises "How can climate finance tracking actually work?"

Find answers in one of PATPA's two virtual seminars on October 19 and 20. Delve deeper and find your very own answers. While aimed at transparency, planning and finance experts, the events welcome anyone with an interest in climate finance tracking

What to expect

The two events are more than a mere copy-and-paste of the same content, and will offer varying degrees of insight into developing and implementing climate finance tracking platforms: 

Tuesday, October 19 - Panel discussion with first-hand insight (Speakers from Costa Rica & Colombia): Set in the context of a panel discussion with professionals of Costa Rica and Colombia - who have implemented climate finance tracking platforms -, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the steps, resources and knowledge required for developing and maintaining a comprehensive climate finance tracking system.  Furthermore, participants dwill gain insight into the challenges and lessons learned that their peers have faced in the process and obtain the opportunity to raise their own pressing questions.

A recording of Tuesday's session can be accessed here.


Wednesday, October 20 - "How to track climate finance": An expert in the field of Climate Finance Tracking and the development of online finance tracking platforms will showcase theoretical and practical approaches, challenges and good practice examples for countries interested in developing their own tracking systems. In a technical session, participants will be able to raise all and any questions they have on how to set up a good online platform. 

A recording of Wednesday's session can be accessed here

Martha-Elena Schloenvoigt (PATPA)