Climate Finance Tracking

Event on "How can climate finance tracking work?" gave participants insight into the experiences of Costa Rica, Colombia and Pakistan on developing climate finance tracking platforms

As countries implement the Paris Climate Agreement, they need to be able to track and understand domestic financial flows so they can improve alignment with their climate goals, identify gaps, and unlock the private investment needed for sustainable and resilient development. Benefits of tracking climate finance include increased transparency for MRV systems, improved planning, budgeting and awareness and significant and goal-oriented resource mobilization. 

Oftentimes, though, the first question that arises in the context of climate finance is "How can climate finance tracking actually work?"

Aiming to offer insight to countries looking to track their financial flows and develop own tracking systems, PATPA organized two virtual sessions on climate finance tracking on October 19th and 20th, with expert input both on a theoretical and practical level. On both days, finance expert Federica Chiappe from Ricardo Energy & Environment introduced participants to climate finance tracking and Q&A slots allowed participants ample time to raise their own questions.

Tuesday's session on October 19th saw a panel discussion with two country experts showcasing their climate finance tracking platforms: Ana Lucía Moya-Mora (National Climate Change Metrics System [SINAMECC]; Climate Change Directorate (DCC), Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica) and Adriana Lisbeth Cárdenas (Climate Finance MRV SystemEnvironment and Sustainable Development Unit National Planning Department, Colombia), who highlighted the journey of developing and implementing each country's climate finance tracking platforms, challenges and roadblocks faced and valuable insight into good practices other countries can learn from. 

During Wednesday's session on October 20th, Mehak Masood and Baptiste Chatre (GIZ project Renewable energies and energy efficiency, Pakistan) offered insight into the development of a climate finance tracking platform for Pakistan, challenges as well as lessons learned so far. 

Reach out to the speakers and deepen bilateral exchange!

Kindly note that both speakers from Costa Rica and Colombia have agreed to have their contact information shared in case bilateral follow-up with them is desired. Additionally, the GIZ colleagues from Pakistan are looking for a more bilateral cooperation with countries similar to Pakistan - e.g. Nigeria or other Asian countries - to pursue further exchange. Please send an E-Mail to obtain any of the above mentioned contacts to Mijako Nierenkoether (@email) or our PATPA contact form.

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