Anglophone African Regional Workshop on "Finance ready mitigation actions: building blocks for NDC achievement

Anglophone African Regional Workshop on "Finance ready mitigation actions: building blocks for NDC achievement"

Event Date

On 25-27 April 2017, the Ghanaian Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology & Innovation (MESTI) in cooperation with the African Regional Group of the International Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement, hosted the Anglophone Regional Workshop on "Finance ready mitigation Actions: building blocks for NDC achievement".

The main objective of the workshop was to facilitate a peer-to-peer exchange on how to develop mitigation measures (including NAMAs) in the form of policy and financial frameworks that make low-carbon projects and programmes bankable.  The workshop discussed key issues in mobilizing financing for implementation of mitigation measures in Anglophone African countries, facilitating exchange of experiences from on-going initiatives in the sub-region and provide practical insights from international organizations and financing institutions supporting the implementation of mitigation measures. It will elaborate and discuss the major stages of mitigation actions financing cycles: the aim will be to look at essential elements of a financing plan, the pitfalls to avoid and the actions that need to be put in place to develop bankable mitigation measures.

Please find presentations and other material below. The agenda and workshop report can be found under downloads (right). 

Day 1

  • ´Country Presentation Ghana´- Frederick K. Appiah => download here
  • ´Country Presentation South Africa´ - Rabelani TSHIKALANKE, Department of Environmental Affairs South Africa
    => download here
  • ‘Fundamentals for a bankable mitigation action and NAMA: the 3 legs of the stool’ - Laurence BLANDFORD – CCAP
    => download here
  • ‘Financing NAMA activities: how to prepare a bankable NAMA’ by Mr. Sören DAVID – NAMA-Facility
    => download here

Day 2

  • AREI (African Renewable Energy Initiative) - Lawrence AGBEMABIESE
    => download here (ppt1; ppt2; ppt3; ppt4; ppt5)
  • ECREEE (ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) – Adeola ADIBIYI
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) – Esther MERTENS and Manas PURI
    => download here (ppt1; ppt2; flyer)
  • NAMA-Facility – Sören DAVID
  • NDC-Partnership – Romeo BERTOLINI
  • UNDP LECB-Program & DREI (Derisking Renewable Energy Investment) project – Faris KADER
    => download here (ppt; tools)
  • AfDB (African Development Bank) – Davinah MILENGE UWELLA
  • World Bank - Asferachew ABATE ABEBESupport materials for the country clinics
    => download here

Support Materials