The Asian Regional Group is effective since the first regional workshop in 2014 on ‘Tracking Mitigation Actions in Asia’ . Over the years the group expanded and currently comprises 23 developing and developed countries from the region.

The overall objective for the Regional Group is to provide a basis for bilateral and multilateral learning and collaboration among countries in the region. The activities focus on sharing best practices, providing access to latest knowledge and information, peer learning, networking and capacity development.

The group is open to all countries from the region with an interest in enhancing national systems and capacities for climate transparency and engaging in learning and exchange on a peer-to-peer basis. The working language of the group is English.


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To learn more about the activities of the Asia Regional Group, please follow the links below:


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Asia Regional Group workshop “Updates on the Enhanced Transparency Framework and Improving Data Collection and Institutional Arrangements - A practical perspective for the AFOLU sector”

Webinar series “How climate transparency arrangements matter at the national level – benefits of climate change reporting"

2nd Asia Focal Points Meeting of PATPA


Virtual seminar on Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC): Learning from countries’ experiences

Ready for the Biennial Transparency Report? Side event of the Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2021 (6-9 July)

Transparency Day on September 8th at the Asia LEDS Partnership Forum 2021


Asia Regional Workshop

Tracking progress on implementing NDCs in Asia


Workshop of the Asia-Pacific Regional Group


Asian countries explore progress on NDC implementation

Asia LEDS Partnership Forum


Countries from Asia and Pacific discuss progress on NDC implementation